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MegaMatcher SDK multi-biometric technology identifies duplicate voter registrations in Bangladesh
The Bangladesh Army selected MegaMatcher SDK multi-biometric technology to identify duplicate registrations in the nation?s voter database. The Bangladesh Voter Registration Project registered more than 80 million citizens using biometric face and fingerprint technology. After evaluating a number of biometric technologies for their duplicate se
Evolis helps Indian government implement biometric healthcare smart card
The Indian government has implemented a new healthcare access scheme for 60 million Indians living below the poverty line. This scheme provides members of a family living below the poverty line to benefit from health insurance to the extent of 800 US dollars per year, based on a health card distributed to each household. In this scheme, benefici
UK consumers are the most open in Europe to the use of biometric technologies to verify their identities
According to the latest Unisys Security Index, UK consumers are the most open in Europe to the use of biometric technologies to verify their identities. The latest UK Security Index reveals that 75% of UK residents would be willing to allow banks, government agencies and other organisations to take fingerprints in order to verify their identity, co
Precise Biometrics wins order for non-European national ID card
Precise Biometrics has received an order of Precise Match-on-Card(TM) licenses for the first phase of another national ID card program. The project is related to an ID card program in a non-European country. The total value for Precise Biometrics has the potential to reach approximately USD 3 Million (SEK 24 Million) over a four-year period, ba
Innometriks Rhino biometric access control approved for deployment in pilot tests of the TWIC program
The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program is mandated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act. It will require port personnel and additional transportation workers to use a tamper-resistant biometric credential to gain authorized access to secured outdoor areas. The TWIC pilot is currently scheduled to begin in early 20
NICE Systems wins $20 million order from an EMEA government agency
NICE Systems Ltd. has announced that it won a large-scale security project, receiving an order at over $20 million from an EMEA government agency, an existing NICE voice-based solutions customer . The project will be implemented over the course of approximately a year-and-a half. ?We are very happy about this milestone project, constituting the
IP Video Surveillance for Casinos
Over the past several years, casino video surveillance systems have undergone a great leap forward. The first casino surveillance systems consisted of security personnel observing the players and dealers from catwalks over the game floor. But with the development of CCTV and video recording technology, surveillance began to serve not only as a dete
British biometric ID card system vulnerable to cloning
TSSI has branded the Government proposal by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to ask companies such as the Post Office to collect biometric data as irresponsible. It said that such a system that allowed private companies to gain ownership of public identity data could be vulnerable to abuse. ?Handing over the keys to public identity data to organisati
UKB International protects Fernhurst Court Nursery children from harm
Founded in 2004, Fernhurst Court Nursery is based in a listed building. The nursery is registered to care for up to eighty children aged between thee months and five years. Fernhurst Court Nursery in Blackburn has installed a Fingerprint Entry biometric access system to protect children and nursery staff. Owners specified the biometric locks to rai
Borderpol calls for the implementation of the International Passport Card
Today's passport and travel identification systems are unable to cope with the demands of 21st century international traffic management. Over the past five years the advancement of various national and regional systems to facilitate enforcement and trade has grown without any interoperability or any measureable improvement in the management of inte

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